What is Life Coaching?

Ask 100 people this question, and chances are you’ll probably get 100 different answers. While there does exist a general consensus on what Life Coaching means (just lookup Wikipedia), the following is our belief of Coaching, and is the basis of how we operate.


A fundamental belief in Life Coaching is that every person is born complete, and has the ability to do, have or be whatever they want in life. As we grow older, we lose touch with this ability which can lead us to feel lost, disillusioned or frustrated.


Life Coaching gives people both the confidence and the ability to create change, and move forward in a positive manner. It is a holistic approach which works to break down the barriers that prevent change from occurring, and aims to create an ideal environment for positive actions to take place.

Why do I need a Coach?

A coach can help you identify what you want in life, and can suggest strategies and tactics which will take you from where you are ‘now’ to where you want to ‘be’. We assist in your personal growth by working with you to establish better goals, sustain momentum and overcome setbacks to achieve the success you desire.

A coach is non-critical and non-judgmental. We help guide you to recognise your own potential in a way that is far greater than the support of family or friends, who may themselves be clouded by their own issues or problems. As a coach is impartial, it allows complete focus and commitment on you as the client, to see the way forward and maintain progress.

How can a coach help me?

There can be a variety of reasons why someone would look for a coach. Maybe you feel like you’re stuck in a fork in a road, or maybe you’re in a perpetual cycle of bad choices, unfruitful decisions or undesirable outcomes. Perhaps you recognise that if you don’t do something now, then you’re only dooming yourself to repeat your past mistakes. You may be lacking a sense of purpose or clarity, or you may just feel that there’s something missing that you can’t quite put into words.


What we do, is show people how to take the steps to choose the path that they haven’t taken before.  To choose not to repeat the choices of the past, but to move towards a future you desire. To not only seek the change, but to take realistic action to achieve it!  To help overcome the negative beliefs and self-sabotage limiting your potential.

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