Daniel (Dan) Peng

Daniel Peng

Daniel (Dan) Peng

Life Strategist, Coach, Instructor

Daniel has always found himself in positions to offer support, guidance and assistance to others. His inherent curiosity has always driven him to gain the knowledge to increase his understanding of the world we live in. With this approach to life, he has been able to experience and live in a variety of perspectives and roles within Australia and abroad. Both personally and professionally, Daniel has always been seen as a ‘go to guy’ for those seeking a friendly word, an impartial viewpoint or as some have described, a little dose of ‘sage-like advice’. Having assisted family, friends, students and colleagues along their life journey, Daniel hopes to help you realise the change you desire.  

  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)
  • Completed the following modules under the Diploma of Financial Planning
    • Foundations of Financial Planning (ASIC RG146 in Financial Planning)
    • Risk Management/Insurance (ASIC RG146 in Life Insurance)
  • Over 7 years experience as an English Language Instructor abroad
  • Experience within the Australian Public Service
  • Exposure to NGO/NPO’s as a volunteer
When I speak to people about some of the things I’ve done, a common response is ‘You’re so lucky’. Let me just say that ‘Luck’ had nothing to do with it. It was the actual doing that made it happen. – Daniel Peng on his life experiences.


Email: enquiries@integratechange.com
Address: Brisbane, Australia.


At Integrate Change we provide coaching and instructional services to those who are ready to take control, and make a change in their lives. We deliver both personal and group coaching sessions, as well as workshops, seminars and presentations.